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Here comes the long awaited solutions to Nicotine / Tobacco Craves. We are a team of vapers, former smokers, do-gooders, carers and profiteers striving to deliver the best  in Vape Accessories, bringing along the long awaited solutions to Nicotine / Tobacco Craves.  

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Our E-LIQUID and E-CIGARETTE brands are USP Gradable and conforms with almost all regulatory bodies like TPD, MHRA and FDCA guidelines, making a purchase with us the most ideal for pleasure as well as for Quit Smoking purposes.

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No Nicotine, No Tar, No Carbon Monoxide and No Cancer Causing agents / toxins. Locked and labelled accordingly.  Making all our deals worth trying!

Welcome to a show of fruits blend crafts, bringing out the best out of nature and fulfilling the crave needs too. Smoking does kill, vaping does help stop smoking. As evidenced in the upsurge of smokers switching to vaporizers recently. Vaping is therefore considered a safer practice compares to smoking .

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Likewise, our e-liquid brands are 0% Nicotine while our CBD Vape Oils are THC free for health and vitality. Visit E-Liquid Store!

Noteworthy is the fact that a selection of properly certified Vape kits (Mech, Squonk, BOX and POD) are also available for a pleasant vaping experience, so are Anti-Smoke Patches and Cigarette filters for health and wellness. Click here for Shisha.

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