30pcs Transdermal System Nicotine Patch Supply Tabacco Leaf Health Healthy Effective Quit Stop Smoking Cessation Aid Kit C744

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Package: 1box/6bags/30pcs (5pcs in a bag)

[Name]: powerful Stop smoking patch

[Ingredients]: natural tobacco extract, licorice, clove, menthol, citric acid, hops

[Storage]: put in a cool, dry place, where children can not reach the place.

*Quit smoking patch by delayed release percutaneous absorption technology, through the skin release including nicotine, a variety of substances, in smokers are required for nicotine, alleviate withdrawal responses caused by smoking and detoxification detoxification, calm nerves, refreshing, to avoid the through oronasal smoking mainly in the lungs, causing damage.
*Research results show that the international drug and drug is the most effective way to quit smoking is used nicotine patches, through continuous use of smoking cessation patch, alleviate smokers on smoking of physical dependence and psychological dependence, through the use of the term gradually get rid of smoking. And through gradually reduce the amount up to quit smoking, easily and efficiently, let you quit smoking career in full of pain.

How to use?
(1) peel off the smooth protective paper.
(2) will be coated with a preparation of million spinning cloth rubber surface paste to clean the surface of the body part, such as the inside of the upper arm, inner thighs, rib an inferior position.
(3) the morning after getting up, the next morning to take off, for a new patch. (if the poor sleep, in late may take before sleeping)
(4) can be changed every time the application of the site, no fixed position.
(5) the amount of paste can be adjusted according to the amount of smoking and the absorption of the skin “.

Nicotine patches attached to the skin clean and dry, not looking for points, usually attached to the chest, arm, arm, back, thighs and other can be recommended chest, arm, back and arm. Every day wake up on the wall, the second day replacement. Pay attention to stick firmly, don’t hang up the clothes. Detailed instructions in the box.

1. Make sure and paste on the skin firm. Sweat more, invitation in arm plus Bracers. Can not be half-way to paste, five layers for precision structure has been destroyed 4 in the evening to take a shower, please in the bath after sticking, the second day a time to replace. Individual feeling the itch is in a normal phenomenon, just patch plastic edges and skin friction causes only.

Product usage:
The first use of this product should master Haotie. Adjust the first one is very important. The amount to be based on the amount of personal consumption and post post feeling, you can increase or decrease, with no strong desire to smoke at the same time without any discomfort. When the prodcut is adjusted, the continuous use of a few days, so that the body to achieve a new physiological balance and slowly adapt, and then gradually reduced, until completely not, in order to achieve the purpose of smooth quit smoking. Gradual regression, is from: 2 with -1.5 paste -1 paste -1/2 paste -1/4 paste -0 paste – to quit smoking.

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